Time to Write the Parole Board again

It seems the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles couldn’t wait until after the holidays to inform the Smiths that their daughter’s killer, Catherine Roberts, is being reviewed for parole after serving eight years of a ten-year sentence.  When you write your letter, please be sure to include the following information:

Offender: Catherine Roberts

TX State ID#08264284

TDCJ ID#01596598

Board of Pardons and Paroles e-mail:


You can jot the above info down and send an e-mail yourself, or you can click here and TDCJ’s e-mail and subject lines are already completed for you.  All you do is write your letter.

It is suggested that you also send an individual e-mail using the TDCJ e-mail and subject line provided.  In this way you can be sure that your letter will reach TDCJ with maximum impact..  Thank you.

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Donating to DWI Tracker Doesn’t Cost–it Pays!

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a serious problem.  Many people believe that it can’t happen to them.  Paul and Margaret Smith were two of those people until they got that 4AM knock on their door that every parent dreads.  We are not the only organization trying to address this problem, many fine organizations are out there.  Many concentrate on lobbying lawmakers to toughen drunk driving laws, but laws don’t change people’s hearts.  DWI Tracker is unique in that we attack the problem at its source–on the road. Please consider helping us financially in order to keep you and your family safe and the drunk drivers off the road.

 Texas sees about one drunk driving crash every 20 minutes

 The 1,323 deaths caused by drunk drivers in 2015 accounted for a staggering 38% of ALL traffic fatalities in the state of Texas.

It Ain’t a Pretty Picture, Folks

 According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration  (NHTSA), 1,323 Texans were killed in drunk driving accidents in 2015  (BAC ≥ 0.08%).

 Over 21% of all alcohol-related accident fatalities occur to those between the ages of 21 and 25.

 The average person drives drunk over 80 times before they are finally arrested or involved in an accident.

Some of the statistics scattered throughout this website are from the Rasanski Law Firm.

 Over 70% of alcohol-impaired drivers involved in fatal accidents had BAC readings of 0.15% or higher  (more than twice the legal limit). Of those, 75% were found to be repeat offenders.

Please check our calendar on our Outreach page for opportunities to participate in activities designed to raise awareness of the problem of impaired driving.

Donate button is working.  Please consider helping us make the highways safer.

“Many times and on many different occasions the police officer has it proved to him there can be very little difference between a crime of neglect and a crime that has been willfully premeditated.  If you look at it closely enough you can judge it for yourself.  How much difference, for example, as far as moral guilt is concerned, is there between the following:

Number One, a man who plans a killing, takes up a gun, finds his victim and shoots him to death, or, Number Two: a man who thinks he has to look out for no one's welfare but his own, gets behind the wheel of a car, disregards the ordinary rules of safety,  and proceeds to commit homicide with a motor vehicle.

Often times the crime  masquerades under the guise of an accident.   Morally, no matter how you spell it, it adds up to murder just as surely as if someone had taken a gun and shot his victim down.”   - - - - -Jack Webb

The Creator of “Dragnet” speaks

Where is the outrage over young lives being snuffed out by a drunk driver?  Meghann Marie Smith was struck down two months after her eighteenth birthday.  She was not shot with a gun at her high school, where she was about to graduate. And she is by no means alone. The murder weapon was a car operated by a drunk driver.  A jury convicts the driver, Catherine Roberts, of intoxication manslaughter, and everybody thinks the job is done.

Is it?  Within six months of Roberts’ incarceration, she was actually eligible for parole.  That’s reality, folks, and the problem ain’t fixed.  The Smiths need your help financially and otherwise to keep DWI Tracker on the road to catch the drunk drivers before they catch you.  It’s time to enlist in this army which carries no guns, and fights against a different murder weapon that is just as deadly–a bottle and a car.

Where is the Outrage?